Digging into the past: a vintage poster with local roots

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A local man who became a propaganda legend is remembered…

Wandle Park recently partnered with the Kenley Revival Project to host a World War Two poster-making workshop, using vintage posters from the period as inspiration. Well-known classic designs such as ‘Dig For Victory’, ‘Loose Lips Sink Ships’ and ‘The Walls Have Ears’ all featured.

Much fun was had by all – and some good new examples … Read More »

How traditional apple-pressing led to a new piece of street art for West Croydon

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Taking a bite out of Croydon’s street-art scene

This is a lovely community story, which brings together art, heritage and apple-pressing, and shows how they can work together to make Croydon a more beautiful place.

So there you are doing Croydon community stuff, sharing skills, knowledge, heritage, health, preventing waste, promoting community cohesion and being out in the fresh air enjoying a freshly pressed cup of … Read More »

Wandle Fortnight: a visit to the Wandle Industrial Museum

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A great place to learn all about the history and heritage of the River Wandle

Wandle Fortnight ran from 9th to 23rd September. Wandle Park was heavily involved in activities to celebrate the river’s past and present. There was river cleaning, pond dipping, watercolour painting with Turf Projects, and Wandle Park-inspired haiku poetry with George from the Friends group. Then, perhaps most interestingly, we went on a midweek … Read More »

Re-using bikes: in Croydon, recycling means exactly what it says

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How one man and sixty bikes stayed the course and avoided the scrapheap

Just a little story to share with you.

One of the original projects on the Croydon ReUse site was a social enterprise that would make use of unwanted bikes. These would either be donated machines from the public or cycle shops where they had done a trade-in. Or, believe it or not, where … Read More »

“I met a young girl; she gave me a rainbow”: my experience of Croydon PrideFest 2017

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In the heart of Croydon, unity is symbolised by a rainbow flowerbed

The clock is ticking and the warm summer days are flying by. The kids are off school, holidays are being taken, festivals have come and gone along with numerous events across our amazing borough. One of those festivals, Croydon PrideFest 2017, was a colourful gathering and celebration in the Queen’s Gardens on the Saturday 15th … Read More »

Olympia has fallen… to the Croydon ReUse Organisation

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The Croydon ReUse Organisation took its message to the national Ideal Home Exhibition – and took no prisoners

Newsflash: On Tuesday 28th March, members of the Croydon ReUse Organisation breached gate 35 of the Olympia Exhibition Hall. Posing as confused stallholders, a parking space was negotiated and various doors were opened to enable tools, equipment and stock samples to be brought in and achieve a successful infiltration in full … Read More »

2017: Croydon’s Summer of Love

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The world needs happiness more than ever right now, so let’s lead by example

Well, what a miserable year 2016 turned out to be. The year got appalling press for a variety of reasons, and Croydon again was mentioned as one of the most miserable places to live. Incidentally, who do they ask for these surveys? How can we reach these people?

There’s no … Read More »

Event review: Firewalking in Wandle Park

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Andrew Dickinson ecounts a night of thrills, spills and explosions

It was the evening of 4th November when around 3,000 of us Croydonians – and no doubt many from outside town – got ourselves along to Wandle Park to see the fireworks and stunt show. Fireworks are a universally popular form of mass entertainment and their colour, noise and spectacle have to be experienced in the flesh … Read More »

How Croydon lads confronted the Auld Enemy

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Andrew Dickinson recalls a kickabout to remember on the Purley Way

It’s Saturday 4th June 1977, some time in the morning. A few mates and I have got on our bikes and gone up to the Purley Way playing fields to have a kickabout. All normal stuff. We’ve walked through the huge car park where the 194 and 115 buses used to turn around (this is pre-Colonnades … Read More »

We were the first band to vomit in the bar

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Like it or loathe it, the punk movement of the 1970s is a major part of Croydon’s cultural heritage

I don’t like punk rock, never have done and never will. It’s one of the few musical genres that I’ve lived through and was of an age to be involved in but I didn’t get it.

‘Musicians’ with pantomime names like Sid Vicious and Jonny Rotten and … Read More »